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X22 issues


I have just got my new X22 laptop (which rocks, btw) and am preparing to
install Debian unstable on to it.  However, I have a few questions before I
do this:

1.  Is it save to use lm_sensors on this laptop?  I've seen warnings that
using lm_sensors can damage the BIOS.

2. I would like to keep Win2K and duel boot to Linux.  What is the easiest
way to duel-boot a Linux/Win2K machine?

3. IBM have not provided a rescue disk but have instead used a rescue
partition, which is the strangest idea I've ever heard.  What if I need to
rescue the machine because the disk crashed?  As you can imagine, this is a
large partition (~750M) - does anyone know if it can be burnt onto a couple
of CDs easily? Has anyone asked for rescue CDs from IBM?

4. I own a MediaSlice X2 with CD-ROM.  Is Linux good at detected when I plug
it in?  I'll be running kernel 2.4.16 with devfs so it should be possible to
treat it as a series of hot-plug devices, right?

Thanks for any help,

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