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Re: Disk waker

Tuukka Toivonen <tuukkat@ees2.oulu.fi> writes:

> On Sun, 9 Dec 2001 lintux@lintux.cx wrote:
> >I have noflushd running for quite some time now. Works quite well, but not
> I also tried using it but not very successfully. The disk seems to wake
> up quite frequently. Have you tried mounting your filesystems with the
> -o noatime option? (I didn't try yet since I usually run with AC power)

 I've noticed that on my toshiba laptop, using the svga driver
and the neomagic chipset, on unstable (*pheow*), the X server
writes apm messages into /var/log/XFree86 - something, that
seems to cause a filesystem flush... Moving the logfile out of
the disks to memfile seemed to help. I wasn't able to turn the
logging of, even though some flag to the server was supposed to
turn the verbosity down. Sorry being so vaugue about it, but I'm
not very close to the laptop atm...


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