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Re: wvlan-card not properly recognized

Quoting Michael Merting on Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 07:38:33PM +0100:
> Hi,
> when inserting my wavelan-pcmcia-card ( a lucent orinoco silver ) I get this error:
> wv_hw_config(): modem not connected or not a wavelan card
> in ifconfig i do have a eth0 and lo device but not at iwconfig. (doesn't find any wireless extensions there)
> Anyone knows how to recognize my pcmcia-card properly here?
> Best regards,
> michael
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I use a wavelan (orinoco gold and silver) with a 2.4.13 kernel on my T21
laptop.  Main issue I had was initially using the wavelan drivers at
www.wavelan.com and then moving to the much better hermes/orinoco_cs
drivers.  I had a set of commands and conf file for the older drivers in
/etc/pcmcia/config and also called the wavelan_cs drivers in
/etc/pcmcia/config.opts which caused problems.  I went through my
/etc/pcmcia/config file and looked for any card bindings for the older
driver and then also verified that I had compiled the kernel options
correctly for the hermes/orinoco_cs drivers.  With a few minor changes
to the above files, my orinoco gold and silver cards work very well.

I would check what drivers you are using (there are three different
drivers) and how you have the config files for wireless and pcmcia setup
in /etc/pcmcia.

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