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Mouse cursor...

Odd thing I find on this laptop (a new one), is that the mouse cursor
has this habit of getting a 30 pixel or so offset to the right every now
and then. I.e. it paints 30 pixels further right than it actually is.
Hmm, that's probably 32, eh.

The busy icon for KDE launching apps still appears in the correct place,
i.e. it usually appears just to the bottom right of the cursor. With the
cursor offset by 32 pixels, it appears to the bottom left, as it's still
in the same place.

I've had this problem remain over a reboot once. That was ugly. Now,
just now, for the first time, the problem "fixed itself" without me
doing much, I was still in X, working with the mouse, and it jumped the
32 pixels back to where it should be.

Not sure if it really is 32 pixels, but thats about what it looks like.

Any ideas why this could be? Who paints the cursor, X, or is there some
... "hardware" involved?

Hugo van der Merwe

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