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Anyone tried coda?


I use unison to sync fs between my laptop and my PC.  This is ok for
most purposes, but for some parts of my fs I'd have different needs.

At home I work with both PCs, and sometimes I update a file on one and
need it on the other.  I'd like this update to be automatically
available on the other instead of having to do a unison run every time.

I understand the coda filesystem could be the solution, but before
starting messing with it I'd like to hear if someone has tried it, if
it's suitable to the job, if it works well, how does it handle
concurrent updates of a file in both machines, how does it store data on
disk and such.

Anybody has some experience to share?

Thanks!  Bye, Enrico

GPG key: 1024D/797EBFAB 2000-12-05 Enrico Zini <enrico@debian.org>

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