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Debian 2.2.4 & 3.?-woody -- Heads Up?

Ordered Debian (2.2.4-i386-1) & Debian (3.?-woody-1) CD's from 
www.linux-cd.com yesterday.  Got tired of trying to work around old
Progeny debris as I upgraded my laptop.

Any heads-up for me when these things arrive in a couple of days?
My intent is to format the HDD to clean things up -- is there a 
preferred method to the old dos "format c:" method?

My plan is to start by loading 2.2.4 in hopes that it will boot and 
operate cleanly, recognizing my pcmcia nic, then I'll fire up Mozilla.

If all goes well I should be able to access the Internet via the external 
ADSL box for apt-get purposes and retreat to the CD if I get in too 
much trouble!

The Woody CD is there in case 2.2.4 doesn't have the necessary 
drivers for my OmniBook 4100 laptop.

Helpful suggestions are welcomed!


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