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Re: Dell Latitude Xpi Troubles

On Fri, 28 Dec 2001, Rodin Fadul wrote:

>I'm running Red Hat 6.1 (Cartman) on my Dell Latitude XPi Laptop and have

It's quite old. Maybe upgrading would help.

>encountered two problems: 1.- This model of Dell Latitude uses the NeoMagic
>Chip, NM2070, witch works with X, but splits the screen and uses only 3/4 of
>it, starting from the upper left corner. The keyboard has a font toggle

I don't quite understand. Do you mean that you have black borders around
the screen, ie. the X runs in lower resolution that LCD is capable of?

Or do you mean that the lower part of your X desktop is invisible
(I had this problem in windows with Thinkpad 560X, but haven't had
problems with Debian and X)

I think you mean the first. You should configure X to run with your LCD
resolution, usually 800x600 or 1024x768. First you must check that
you're using XF86_SVGA server (SuperVGA, not standard 16/256-color VGA).
Then edit /etc/X11/XF86Config so that it uses higher resolutions.
You can use some configuration program for this, such as xf86config.

>X). 2.- My PCMCIA modem connects just fine, but none of the programs that
>use the connection work, instead a warning message appears as I try to run
>Netscape or any other internet using program, ?Host unknown?, and ?Perhaps

Are you sure the modem dials and you get the PPP connection? Try
and see if it works (should say that "64 bytes from")
See also what /sbin/ifconfig says, it should show the string "ppp0".

I can't help with nameservers, I don't know them.

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