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Re: umlauts

> hi everyone!
> who can tell me how to get the greman umlauts for my shell, mutt, vim and latex? which keyboard do i have to take? on server.debian.org (or so) i found some faqs which told me to use kbdconfig, but it does not work! when i'm at the login-prompt, the umlauts work, when i am in my shell, i get a 'beep' from my computer. Whats's wrong?

What is your locale output? I advise you to read a national howto.
The danish howto is in english, if you don't find any in your mother
tong. (www.linux.org -> Documentation -> howto's, ...)

Some tests:

1. Type cat <Enter> then check your special letters. Exit with Ctrl-D.
If you seen it right then you use a gook keyboard driver and a good font.
If the keyboard id wrong try xkeycaps, it is friendly.
2. type touch 'special-letter' <enter> ls ? <enter>, if you see the
letter is fine, otherwise make an alias for ls to point to ls
--show-control-chars or ls -N (try which one works for you).
If you can't type the special letter, try to prefix it with Ctrl-V.

- mutt will accept any characters the terminal accepts too.
- vim is 8bit friendly, so I see no problem here.
- latex is also 8bit aware. use \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc}
or even better \usepackage[latin9]{inputenc} to be able to use
euro symbol.

Come back if you have problems. This is not related to laptops, you
could post at debian-user, debian-i18n, etc.


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