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Re: Anyone tried coda?

On Thu, 2001-12-06 at 13:01, enrico@debian.org wrote:
> I understand the coda filesystem could be the solution, but before
> starting messing with it I'd like to hear if someone has tried it, if
> it's suitable to the job, if it works well, how does it handle
> concurrent updates of a file in both machines, how does it store data on
> disk and such.

Look at http://www.coda.cs.cmu.edu/
To my eyes, it's pretty messy. You have to resolve file conflicts by
hand (with command-line tools if I've understood it correctly) in some
cases etc.

You could try Intermezzo (which is part of the linux kernel as
experimental code in recent versions): http://www.inter-mezzo.org/
Intermezzo has a conflict api that allows you to write, say, a gui for
choosing what to do when files conflict, or even automate the conflict
resolution (for example, by always using the file with the most recent
date stamp).
AFAIK, the tools haven't been packaged for Debian yet, and there's a
call for packagers on the Intermezzo website.
If one only had the time... :)


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