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Re: Dell latitude C810

I'm running sid and 2.4.16 on a Dell Latitude. It has the 1225
controller, not the 1445, but its working fine. 

I don't use the pcmcia-cs package to control these interfaces, I use
the kernel pcmcia support. Using a 3Com Cardbus adapter I utilise the
3c59x kernel driver, not the driver in the pcmcia package. I found the
driver in the pcmcia package didn't work correctly. 

ACPI is known to be a problem on some laptops. Personally, I only use
APM and the only issue is that X4 doesn't suspend properly. To suspend
the laptop I exit X and susped from the command line. (Although to be
honest I don't suspend that often, I usually power the laptop down

Mike Phillips
Linux Token Ring Project
mailto: mikep@linuxtr.net

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