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Re: [ltp] X22 issues

On Monday 17 December 2001 19:16, Heather wrote:
> [my, what a long cc list.  Sigh]
> > On Saturday 15 December 2001 20:09, cameron.kerr@paradise.net.nz 
> > > Quoting Ross Burton <ross.burton@mail.com>:
> > > > 2. I would like to keep Win2K and duel boot to Linux. What is
> > > > the easiest way to duel-boot a Linux/Win2K machine?


> >
> > IBM ships the X2x models by default without any CD-like devices.
> > That's probably the reason they use a recovery partition. Of course
> > IBM should ship the recovery CD as well.
> >
> > > Are you in Australasia by any chance? They did the same to me. I
> > > think it has to do with Microsoft's attitude to us (they think
> > > we're a bunch of pirates). Still a very stupid idea though.
> >
> > I tried a recovery CD for a Thinkpad 600E a while ago on a
> > different computer. It didn't work. It seems the CDs are locked to
> > the specific Thinkpad model they were built for.
> It's true - I've seen a lot of thinkpads and they are mostly quite
> different under the hood.

Sure the hardware is different. What tried to say is that the recovery 
CD didn't even start because some kind of firmware detection executed 
from CD stated that this CD isn't suitable for this thinkpad.

If CHS mappings would be identically for both of the harddisks then the 
disk image could be applied to the harddisk. Afterwards Windows would 
be able to detect hardware changes and (hopefully) install the proper 

But the easiest way is probably just to ask IBM if they can supply a 
recovery CD. I got my X20 hdd replaced because of a hardware failure. 
The new hdd didn't come with a recovery partition. So I asked for a 
replacement CD and promptly got one.


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