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Re: learning programming

On Fri, 28 Dec 2001 12:19, Paul King wrote:
> > personal preference, I think.
> >
> > And perl/python is apples and oranges: python is object oriented (like
> > java, C++), while perl is more like C.
> Perl is more like C, but with objects (and lots of other
> stuff).

Perl is nothing like C.

Perl does not require defining variables before using them.

Perl has no "main" function or anything equivalent - it just starts executing 
the first line of code it finds.

In Perl the {} are mandatory after an if construct or similar, in C you just 
use {} to make a block of statements act like a single statement.  if and 
other similar constructs operate on single statements (which may or may not 
be blocks).

I can write code fragments that are valid in both C and Java, so saying that 
Java is like C is valid.

I think you can write code fragments that are valid in both Ada and Pascal so 
those languages are similar too.

This really has nothing to do with laptops, maybe we need a 
debian-teach-programming list...

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