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woody kernels do not support PCMCIA network card

Dear Debian Friends!

I tried various installations of Woody from a set of CDs which where created 
around Nov 9, and found some problems, I would like to report in this manner.

The machine was an Inspiron-5000 Laptop, with a D-link-650 PCMCIA network card 
(compatible to NE2000).

None of the Woody kernels I've tried recognised my network card, so I ended up 
with the network unconfigured after install. After playing unsuccessfully with 
the network setup, I tried recompiling a 2.2.19 kernel with PCMCIA support and 
also a 2.4.10 kernel (with its own PCMCIA support) - with no more success.

Then I tried an install from scratch with a Potato-2.2R2 CD (kernel 
2.2.18pre21) and it did recognise the D-link-650 network card fine, and 
configured the network right!

Upgrading to woody did not change anything, the network still worked fine, 
until I tried to upgrade the kernel too. I tried kernel packages 2.2.19 
(vanilla), 2.2.19-???-ext3, 2.4.10-???-686, 2.4.12 (vanilla), installing them 
with dselect. None of these kernels supported my PCMCIA based network card.

When I re-installed the old 2.2.18pre21 kernel, everything worked fine again.
Perhaps I missed something, but I would say, the newer kernels (including 
2.2.19) have a broken module there somewhere in the pcmcia stuff.

- Josef

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