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Re: orinoco (WIFI) Gold Lucent Tech - PC24E-H-FC PCard

Michael Perry wrote:

Quoting Thedore Knab on Sun, Dec 30, 2001 at 02:01:17PM -0500:

I recently purchased my first wireless card.

The card is detected under the default kernel in debian rev4, but not under the 2.4.17 kernel.

I assume that I am missing a module or something.

Can someone that is using the Orinoco Gold Wireless card send me a copy of their 2.4.x .config file ?

Thanks in advance.


OK, I think they need to fix something.
The PCMCIA wireless cards are covered in two areas of the kernel configuration.
wvlan_cs is in network devices and orinoco_cs is covered here.

This is screwy!!!

Actually, I'm really buggerred because I didn't find this until your email today.

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