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Re: ltmodem for 2.2r4

On Sun, 2001-12-09 at 22:50, Wolfgang wrote:

> I don't think ltmodem-KVERSION_LTVERSION_i386.deb includes sourcecode to 
> compile, it was not like this in the appropriate SuSE-rpm. There were "only" 
> binaries and a few scripts to install/uninstall the files in the right place 
> and make the links. Isn't it like this with the *.deb?

Right.  *.deb is purely for binaries.  There are source debs too (?
*.deb.src) which can be installed using APT/dpkg and even auto built for

> Someone write: Any LTVERSION will do. Please look at the downloadsite 
> http://www.heby.de/ltmodem. Why are there more than one possibility for 
> kernel 2.2.19? Which one is the right one for the default installation?

I was running 2.2.19pre17 (slightly earlier than yours) with versions
5.99, 6.0a1 and 6.0b4.  All of which worked when compiled from source. 
The only problem I had was with getting the right headers.  The build
process kept complaining about it so I ended up compiling a new kernel
to make 100% sure the kernel headers were the same.  Prepackaged ones
may work too.

When you get further into it I would highly suggest moving to Woody
(testing) as there are a lot more fun things to play with but you need
to be somewhat prepared for the odd breakages that may require
backtracking packages.

Good Luck.

* Simon Wong *

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