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installation procedure for pcmcia network install

hi folks,
no, this by far isn't my first debian install, not even on a laptop,
and no, i am not stupid. but somehow i am perplexed by how debian
wants the installation on a laptop to work.

i have this new latitude C800 sitting here, with a beautiful xircom
ethernet card. i used the 3.0.28-compact boot floppy set from woody,
and partitioned, installed driver modules and all that. now i want to
get the network up to be able to install from ftp.

the pcmcia card is not plugged in, and i configure pcmcia support for
the controller only, not for serial or cdrom devices. it does not
complain. then i insert the card, it beeps, and the system freezes. if
i have the card in the slot while installing pcmcia, it freezes. what
gives? what am i doing wrong?

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