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Dell i8k Fn-Key hangup.


I'm running Debian sid with a plain 2.4.16 kernel, acpi & i8k
drivers enabled, bios is A17.
The Fn-Esc (suspend) combination is handled by acpi (acpid installed),
Fn-PgUp (volume++), Fn-PgDown (volume--) and Fn-End (mute) are reported
correctly by i8kutils' i8kctl -
but the remaining combinations either don't work (Fn-F10 = eject) or
cause the laptop to hang up (Fn-F7, Fn-Up/Down/Left/Right), which is
somehow disturbing.
Does anybody know how these keys are/should be
handled (acpi/smm bios)? (So whom to contact?)
Anybody else with a Dell i8k experiencing such
hangups (or is there anybody who does not :^))?
Thank you very much!


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