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Re: thinkpad600e/networkcard

Alexander Clouter <alexander.clouter@ic.ac.uk> writes:

> Mikael L?vgren [fabriken@hotpop.com] wrote:
> >
> > I planning on buying my first networkcard to begin building on LAN. Can
> > anyone recommend the best suited for a thinpad600e? I'm a novice on these
> > issues, but I hope someone could help me.
> >
> netgear netgear netgear :)  More importantly for you the FA511 :)  Cheap,
> *very* reliable and more importantly it has a tulip chipset which means its
> very well supported and also removes lots of the load off you machine, its
> also cardbus.  I think you should find it for about £50 (maybe less).

I have that card (netgear FA511) and failed to get it to work.  The
card costs about $60 but to get it to work would be priceless...

I use woody, kernel 2.4.14 (for xfs) and the latest pcmcia-cs (from unstable)
along with tulip 1.1.8.  When I insert the card, I get an error
message about no IRQ known for Pin A.  

Oddly, I get a similar error message on another machine (desktop with
netgear 10/100 card), but the nic works.

What configuration do you use?  
Does anybody know how to solve this IRQ issue (on a TP 600)?


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