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Re: Disk waker

On 11 Dec 2001, Hubert Chan wrote:
> Sorry if this gets sent twice.  My mail server is acting funny.


> Wow.  You're right.  I get that too.  Toshiba Satellite, unstable,
> s3virge driver, Virge/MX chipset.  The message that it writes is:
> (II) PM Event received: Power Status Change
> Why on earth is X doing power management stuff?

For the same reason it drives the video hardware directly. It knows what
it has done, the kernel doesn't.

It's also worth noting that the kernel would never know as much about
the interaction of X and the hardware as X will...

It is quite humbling to realize that the storage occupied by the longest line
from a typical Usenet posting is sufficient to provide a state space so vast
that all the computation power in the world can not conquer it.
        -- Dave Wallace

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