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Re: 802.11b Wireless Card Recommendations ?

On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 04:29:36PM -0500, Thedore Knab wrote:
> I have seen a number of cards that have been troublesome on the list.
> What are the good ones ?
> I want to purchase a 802.11b capable wireless card.
> I will be using it for wireless network diagnostics at a school.
> I also want to be able to connect to any network that will take me with a /sbin/pump . 

Most cards use the Prism2 chipset, and are mostly alike...
I recommend the lucent/agere orinoco cards, since they are very standard
and most-used. Usually it's just insert and pump to get it working.

I myself just got the silver world card, since it was cheapest, and no
matter what version you have (silver/gold) both the crypto's used are
too weak, so you should only use ipsec or other crypto over them.

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