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Re: [ltp] X22 issues

Quoting Ross Burton <ross.burton@mail.com>:

> 2. I would like to keep Win2K and duel boot to Linux. What is the
> easiest
> way to duel-boot a Linux/Win2K machine?

Simple, if its like my A22m, there will be two FAT32 partitions. Just resize
these (with Partition Magic, or something else), and install Linux. You can
safetly install lilo to the MBR, and boot Win2k using an entry in lilo.conf

> 3. IBM have not provided a rescue disk but have instead used a rescue
> partition, which is the strangest idea I've ever heard. What if I need
> to
> rescue the machine because the disk crashed? As you can imagine, this is
> a
> large partition (~750M) - does anyone know if it can be burnt onto a
> couple
> of CDs easily? Has anyone asked for rescue CDs from IBM?

Are you in Australasia by any chance? They did the same to me. I think it has to
do with Microsoft's attitude to us (they think we're a bunch of pirates). Still
a very stupid idea though.

As for saving the SERVICE partition, mount it under Linux. See if has the
programs in the root directory neccessary for booting (command.com is the only
one I can think of right now). If it is, then copy the files onto two CD's, or
use a multi-volume tar archive.

Cameron Kerr

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