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GDM doesn't recognize keyboard anymore

Hi *,
I have done the following:
I have run the configuring-script from the gdm-chooser menu to apply a
diffrent looking to my login screen. I only changed to pictures, nothing
more. After that the chooser told me that no x-servers or xdcmp (?) where
specified, that this only could be a configuration error and that he is starting an
x-server. I activated this xdcmp(?) option and restrated my laptop. After
that gdm didn't start anymore. So I deactivated it again. Now, gdm starts,
but it doesn't recognize my keyboard anymore. I tried reinstalling gdm but
that didn't work. I can't even switch to any console because my keyboard
does not work. Does anyone know what I have done wrong?



Es ist nichts sicher, ausser dass nichts sicher ist, und nicht einmal das.

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