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Re: XFS won't daemonize

On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Prince Mathew Samuel wrote:

> Hi,
> I changed my init script to yours and it worked!! Tell
> me, shouldn't the script have been changed when I
> changed to X 4.1.0? Or is it that the X installation

I think the init scripts are marked as config files, which means that if
they've been edited since installation, (eg to set env variables or font
paths or whatever) then when you upgrade, you will be asked if you want
to replace them with the new version, with the default answer being 'no'.
[Assuming you have debconf (I think I mean debconf) configured to ask you].

This generally works well for minor upgrades, but sometimes when there's a
major change, you have to compare the two files and transfer your changes
over to the new file by hand. I suspect this may have happened in your case.

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