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Re: Why Linux on a Laptop?

I.M.Ciobica@TUe.nl said:
> What about simply running linux with no vindoz? If I need vindoz
> (which I don't think so), I run citrix (client) and I connect to  a
> vindoz NT (citrix server). But I have no ideea what I can run there
> and I could not run on linux. Maybe msie? 

Good for you if you don't know what anyone could need Windows for!

Apart from Word, and Powerpoint which I use because my business colleagues use 
it and I often need to edit documents cooperatively,

there are very few and limited Electrical Engineering tools available from 
Linux. I know geda, oregano, chipmunk, ikarus verilog, and there are some 
commercial ones, but nothing that is as easy to use as Proteus or Orcad, and 
nothing that covers the whole range of tasks I need.

In particular, when compiling to FPGAs, most of the time one needs to use the 
fitters the manufacturers deliver, and they run on Windows (or on Solaris as 
the exception). The manufacturers give the fitters often away, because they 
want to make money with chips, not software. However the cost of this software 
is enormous, and therefore the manufacturers have little interest to make 
versions for Linux too - at least as long as they feel they have to provide 
them for Windows. I could imagine it would cost less to develop for Linux only.

I imagine in other engineering disciplines except software engineering it is a 
similar story.

- Josef

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