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Re: irda on a Inspiron 8100... (fwd)

On Thu, 2001-12-13 at 21:51, Robert Waldner wrote:

> No, I don't use it that way. Also I don't have any module-autoloading 
>  enabled, because I only use for PPP/GSM with my cellphone (thus very 
>  rarely ;-) , 9k6 sucks).

I'm getting very erratic succues with my IR connection.

Could please tell me the sequence you use to connect up?

At the moment I am doing,

    #irattach /dev/ttyS3 -s

This then loads the irtty module (ircomm built in kernel), starts up the
interface irda0 and *sometimes* my palm says "Waiting for sender..."

When I use irdadump it shows stuff coming from the palm but no response
from pilot-xfer :-(

My setup doesn't seem to be using the irda.conf file.

What steps do you do for connecting to the phone?

Thanks for your help.

* Simon Wong *

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