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Re: Hang-up during the install with Fujitsu C 6637

	Try with the third CD in the set: every CD contains a
	different kernel. I had the same problem on a Toshiba
	Satellite. The third CD that contains the idepci kernel
	worked fine.


On Tue, Dec 18, 2001 at 05:12:00PM +0100, C?line Estieux wrote:
> Hi
> I've tried to install the debian 2.2r4 on a fujitsu lifebook c 6637 and in 
> the beginning of the install, the system hang-up after writing 
> " md driver 0.36.6 MAX_MD_DEV=4, MAX_REAL=8"
> I can't do nothing after that.
> I tried with the CD boot disk, with floppies, ... nothing works.
> Any idea ?
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