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Debian - X - KDE

Ok, got the Debian Official Binary-i386 Version 2.2._r4 Disk 1 CD 
today and proceeded to load it up on my OmniBook.

Everything seemed to go well and my pcmcia nic fired up and connected
with my ADSL box.

I also got the Binary-i386 3? Pre-BETA Disk one, in case I needed a 
newer driver or something.  I have Progeny and Stormix, as well as a 
couple of CD's that came with Linux mags.

QUESTION:  How do I get KDE working, please?  I tried "apt-get 
install kde" with "deb http://kde.tdyc.com/ stable kde2" in sources.list 
It grabbed some part of KDE and started to install it but then spit up 
due to the absence of the following: 


I don't have any sort of X-windows running yet.  I am guessing I said 
no or yes or default to something in the setup that resulted in no X.


Thanks!  Doc 

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