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Re: Weird mouse behaviour!

Hi, I've also had such promblems once, when I was trying to get a Logitech 
wireless Mouse running. Fortunatly this mouse had an USB interface as well, 
with which it worked well. So I guess it has something to do with the PS/2 
interface of some boards...

> I have some quite strange problems with my mouse ! i run debian woody on =
> a noname laptop where the touchpad is ps/2. the xserver and kde run =
> without any error messages and the mouse works in the beginning but =
> after a while it starts to jump and click all over the place as soon as =
> i touch the pad. sometimes in between it works but only for a short =
> while. i don=B4t have any explanation for this. anyone had similar =
> problems or has an idea?

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