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Thinkpads under linux

Daniel Pittman wrote:

I have a Thinkpad

Cool. How do those work?

So far quite well. The modem is a Lucent, and it works with the drivers just fine. Display is good with XF86 4.1.0, sound is good with alsa, CD, floppy, LS 120 are ok. Onboard ethernet is Intel, it's recognized right out of the box.

I haven't gotten into the Irda or the DVD yet, or used lphdisk to make a hibernation partition. I haven't used the USB port, although it does report my digital camera when I plug it in (my Fuji FinePix 1300 isn't listed, although I'll get around to trying it anyway). Sourceforge has a first-cut driver for the Ultraport camera (snaps on top of the display for videoconferencing, or plugs into the USB port on a cable).

It does suspend and resume to RAM under Linux. PCMCIA recognizes my two ethernet cards (which I don't need with this system).

This is a T21, S3 Savage video, I think 2000 vintage.


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