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Re: Inspiron 8100 vs Debian

> Hey
> www.linux-laptops.net is a great resource, it was able to answer all my
> questions. There was also a good story on www.debianplanet.com, but the
> site is not responding today.
Big news sites are often spotty during lunchtime in their vicinity, and
about-an-hour-past-rush-hour (e.g. when folks get to their home systems).
Those are the hot surfing hours, and you'll see spikes from other time
zones slip in.  (I think the surfers-in-same-zone effect comes from local
backbones getting overloaded)

I rush to comment that
	www.linux-laptop.net (singular) is Kenneth Harker's excellent
		link farm on the topic...

	www.linux-laptops.net (plural) is a vendor who sells refurbished
		laptops.  As they call themselves "Linux Laptop" we *hope*
		they sell them pre-loaded, but, since they don't say squat 
		about which distros they selected, much less any MSwin 
		versions at all, you can't prove it by me.  They do seem 
		to be models which behave ok under Linux, but I'd call the
		domain name opportunistic.

Just to get that straight.

> I've attached my XF86Config-4 file, hope that helps.
> Scott
Good to see it, Scott.  

Hmm, I'm sure I once saw a resource where folks were keeping stacks and 
stacks of raw XF86Config files for PC *ix users to enjoy.  Glancing at it,
I'm not sure it's *that* many anymore, but it's certainly nothing to sneeze
at.  On Kharker's site it's a little buried, so I mention it here:


Although unless he means he has a DELL Inspiron 5000e with 1600x resolution:

...they don't seem to have anything for him.

>   -0)  Scott Adair
>   /\\  gator@gatorville.org
>  _\_v   
> * Carlos M. L. (rubioz80@teleline.es) wrote:
> > i need help whith my lapton,I have a trouble with the X configuration, 
> > my features is:
> > geforce 2 go 32 megas
> > 15' UXGA 1600x1200 (dell 1600x)
> > 
> > 
> > TuXeR

Good luck, Tuxer, let us know how it's going!

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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