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Re: X - fading white...

Tobias Ulbricht [up5a@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de] wrote:
> lspci shows a Trident Cyber 9525 (rev 49).
> it seemed to me that the lack of APM appearing in the debian X-server-log
> means either less verbose logging or different compilation than SuSE.
> But before I start recompiling X, I better ask the gurus...
> hope this helps.
> cheers, tobias.
> (right, it's a cheap, unkown one: TWINHEAD)n
no no no no, all you need to do is find the correct Modeline definition for
your laptop screen and get proper horizontal and vertical refresh rates.

You will also find it helpful to play with the screen stretching feature on
your laptop when going to and from graphical to text console mode.


BTW as a word of warning, some will say 'use framebuffer', I seriously
recommend against and only use it if you *really* need to.  Its a last resort
fix and more importantly not suitable for laptops as it sucks the CPU juice.

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