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Re: thinkpad600e/networkcard

On 5 Dec 2001, Thomas Vogels wrote:

>> Mikael L?vgren [fabriken@hotpop.com] wrote:
>> >
>> > I planning on buying my first networkcard to begin building on LAN. Can
>> > anyone recommend the best suited for a thinpad600e? I'm a novice on these

Well, I'm novice too but I have an impression that if you buy 3COM you
can't go wrong ;) Generally I have read that they are realiable, effortless
to get working, and well supported by Linux (well, I have experience just
on one PC Card i bought second-hand, but works fine, from the first try).

The bad thing is that they seems to be *much* more expensive than other
cards. It looked that they were several times more expensive than the
cheapest cards, but maybe I were comparing apples and oranges... that is,
what differences are between laptop network cards? 100/10 Mbit and
PC Card/Cardbus, what about else? Bundled cabling?

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