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Re: Old Laptop as printserver

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>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Tscharner <starfire@dplanet.ch> writes:


Andreas> My questions: Do the standard boot disks from potato (2.2rc0)
Andreas> have the pcmcia modules (NE 2000) and NFS modules or do I have
Andreas> to make a boot floppy myself?

It has PCMCIA modules.  My network card claims to be an NE2000
compatible (It's a Linksys), and it was recognized properly, so NE2000
should be no problem.  Whether or not it will be able to recognize
_your_ card is a different story, but I don't think there should be any

I would assume that it has whatever NFS modules, since IIRC NFS is one
of the installation options.  But I always just install over http, so I
don't know about this one.

Andreas> Is there anywhere on the net an installation guide to set up a
Andreas> printserver (used from Linux and from Windows side)?

For Windows, you'd have to look into samba.  There is a samba HOWTO that
you can look at.  You'll also have to pick which printer daemon to use
- -- there's lpr, lprng, and CUPS that I know of.  I think that all of
them can be used with samba.  For getting them to work with Linux
clients, probably the hardest part is just configuring the clients.

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