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Re: Installing Debian on Gateway Solo

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Bryan Daniels wrote:

> I have an old(er) Gateway Solo, with a broken CD-ROM.
> I have been trying to install Debian Linux 2.2 Rev_4
> off of floppy disks. I am very close, but not quite
> there. I am attemping to install 'idepci_2.2.19'. I
> have copied the images for rescue.bin and root.bin on
> to two floppies and know that they work by testing on
> another unit.
> I can boot and rescue.bin works. I can't, however, get
> root.bin to load as the ramdisk. I think that my
> problem is that my 'floppy-drive' is actually an
> 'ide-drive' instead. It is recognized by the
> rescue.bin as (LS-120 SLIM 05 UDH Floppy, ATAPI Floppy
> drive) and is mapped to hdd with partitions
> hdd1..hdd4. I am trying to find the right parmaters to
> give at the 'root: prompt'. I have read the 'HOWTO
> BootPrompt' but don't have the paramaters down yet. I
> have tried 'linux root=/dev/hdd', 'linux
> floppy=/dev/hdd', and many more. So far no good.

I've never tried to install debian from floppies, but I have a LS120 as
Did you try
root=/dev/hdd1 ?
since it is handled as a IDE-ATAPI-devices, like a hard drive.

sounds, right from my memory as a good option as well.
give it a try...

Is it possible, that IDE-FLOPPY-support is not compiled (either in the
kernel or as ide-floppy.o) into the boot binary root.bin ?

Gurus, where are you?

cheers, tobias.

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