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Re: Why Linux on a Laptop?

cass@ophiuchi.net said:
> The biggest problem that most people have with running Windows on a
> laptop  is the absolute lack of interest most people have in learning
> or using  something new. 

I take that as an insult.
If I wasn't interested in learning something new I would not be on this 
mailing list. We tried StarOffice in our Company and had to abandon it because 
of compatibility issues. Obviously if all the people on a project are willing 
to agree on one set of software it doesn't really matter which package you 
use. In that case I would propose Latex!

cass@ophiuchi.net said:
>  It works a treat, and it is a heck of a lot smaller than  Microsoft
> Office

Last version of StarOffice I installed (5.2) was 200 MB (installed).  It is 
also much slower than Microsoft Office and the all-in-one approach of 
StarOffice 5.1 drives me nuts.

That said, I haven't tried the latest StarOffice beta yet, but I will soon. In 
October I tried an OpenOffice.org download and it could not read properly a 
couple of Word Documents I had around. Perhaps things have changed in the 
meantime, and I will try again.

I am sick an tired of people telling how great Linux can do everything that 
can be done on Windows and better, and bash people mentioning that there are 
some areas where they have difficulties abandoning Windows.

And to make the point: I am running Debian on my personal laptop and on my 
desktop at work! I do run at work windows too, because I haven't found 
suitable alternatives for some programs on Linux yet - and I am looking around 
since the times when Slackware was the favourite distribution! So please don't 
write this all off to laziness!

- Josef

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