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Re: Installing via serial line trouble

On Wed, 12 Dec 2001, Grigory Batalov wrote:

>  I hope to install via serial line and NFS

Never used SLIP (just PPP) and even less I know about
NFS and portmapper/rpc.

If you have enough HD space you could copy the CD
image on the hard disk, mount it via loopback and
install then. That's what I made. With 115000 bps
over RS232 line, the image should be transferred

>ifconfig sl0 pointopoint up

If you do get TCP/IP working anyway, I'd probably
try putting HTTP server in to the another computer
and try installing from that. Never done that actually,

One possibility (I don't remember where I read about
this--probably Laptop-HOWTO) is to open the laptop,
attach the harddisk to another computer and install
the Debian there. For this you need to have experience
with computer hardware, preferably the maintenance manual
(at least IBM has maintenance manuals available via
FTP for their Thinkpads), and an IDE converter to connect
your laptop harddisk to desktop PC.

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