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Re: laptop wireless cards

I have both a D-Link DWL-650 and a Cisco Aironet 350. The linux support
is great for both of them, the GPLed driver for the Aironet even
supports Cisco's API so the Cisco configuration tools will work with it.
As far as signal quality goes, the difference is night and day. While
using the Cisco card with the same transmit settings it was able to
establish an 11 MBit link when the D-Link couldn't find the AP at any
speed. There is a nice hardware comparison at


- Justin Graham

On Thu, 2001-12-27 at 04:58, Michael Zimmerman wrote:
> Hello, All.  I recently puchased a used IBM 560X lapop and I successfully
> installed potato.  I was wondering what kind of wireless card I could buy
> for my laptop?  I had searched the net for some additional info on linux
> compatable wireless products, but I did not find the info that I was
> looking for.  So now I turn to you guys.  Is there any one out there who is
> successfully running linux wireless cards on there systems?  I need a linux
> compatable wireless network card, both pcmcia(for my laptop) and pci (for
> my desktop).
> Could any one give me sugestions, success stories, etc?.
>                                             -- Mike Z.
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