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Re: mount floppy

On Tue, 18 Dec 2001, Tobias Ulbricht wrote:

>doesn't quite solve Tom's problem.

Oops. Tom's line was so terse that I was temporarily blinded by it :-/

>> >bash-2.05a$ ls -l /dev/fd0 && ls -l / | grep floppy && grep fd0 /etc/fstab
>> >/dev/fd0        /floppy         auto    user                    0      0

Indeed. Check if mount is set-user-id-root, ie. ls -la `which mount` should
say something like
-rwsr-xr-x    1 root     root        70052 Jul 12 17:26 /bin/mount
   ^            ^^^^- this has to be root
    \- this s is important

(I don't have myself mount set as SUID, because I'm using automount.
In fact, if the problem doesn't get solved, but doesn't exist for
root user, maybe using automount would be an adequate solution)

Try adding "noauto" behind the user above, as here:
>> /dev/fd0                /floppy             auto    noauto,user    0 0

If you're using kernel version 2.4.0--2.4.15, switch to newest (which is
2.4.16), or maybe even 2.2.20 which should be more stable.

Check that the /bin/mount binary is not damaged (dpkg should be able to do
it). Switch to another version of mount. And, when reporting about
problems, tell the version of mount (mount --version) and kernel (uname -r).

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