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Re: Mouse support and other bugs (Questions!)

On Sun, 2 Dec 2001, Axel Bojer wrote:

> 2: Why do the maschine now start up in x-window, and why don`t it quit to the 
> normal command prompt when I (using my F12 and other keys) am asking it 
> to "exit"? (Befor I restarted, right after having fixed this /dev/tty0 pointing 
> thing, it did that, but not afterwards).

Your init files probably start 'xdm' at startup.  To fix this,
look in /etc/inittab for a line like this:

# The default runlevel.

The number 2 beteen the colons means that my default runlevel
is 2.  To see what programs start up in runlevel 2 I do this:

$ ls /etc/rc2.d/

If you see something like "SS99xdm" then this means xdm will be
started on startup in runlevel 2, the standard default runlevel
in Debian. 

To prevent xdm from being started, you can do this:

mv SS99xdm  xSS99xdm

After that you have to start X with "startx".
Hugh Lawson 
Greensboro, North Carolina

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