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I just bought a IBM A30, now that i bought it i was wondering if anyone
had any comments on the linux compatiblity of it.
Specificly i bought a 26523BU
also bought a DVD/cdrw upgrade
i hope i can watch DVD's in linux and burn cd's on my laptop that would
be REALLY cool.
if anyone doesnt have any information on this system. then i guess i
will post some when i get to installing linux on my new system.

Also i plan on taking my old hard drive out of my old laptop and putting
it in my new system and putting my new hard drive in the 2nd hdd adapter
that i bought.
are there any specific things i should be aware of when putting a hard
drive from system A in system B.
Are there any things i should be aware of when using a linux installed
on system A on system B?
i know i have to recompile my kernel. (i use a custom kernel)
and reconfigure X
but other than that?

is there anything else

Adam Jacob Muller

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