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Re: ltmodem for 2.2r4

> I'd like to change from SuSE to Debian 2.2r4 Linux. I run a Acer517TX with
a l(w)inmodem which works fine. Now I found on http://www.heby.de/ltmodem:
> The syntax of the filename is ltmodem-KVERSION_LTVERSION_i386.deb where
KVERSION is the version of the kernel the driver is matched to (as in the
output of uname -r) and LTVERSION is the version of the driver. Make sure
you download a driver matched to your kernel.
> But on the downloadsite http://www.heby.de/ltmodem are a few possible
files. Could someone
> please help me which is the right file? I need this info before I change
Linux because afterwards
> my internetaccess is may be not very useful. Thanks.

Well, there's no real requirement to change your kernel when you install
Debian.  I'd make sure you keep the old kernel around, and make sure before
you reboot after installing Debian that there's an option to boot from the
currently working kernel as well as whichever kernel you get in the install.
I expect SuSE uses some kernel options incompatible with Debian, but you
will _probably_ be able to at least boot to a console mode...

I ended up having to download and compile the LTMODEM source (there's
instructions there for using make-kpkg) because he didn't have a packaged
version for my kernel.  I can't tell you _which_ version you'd need to
download, because I don't know which kernel version is shipping with 2.2r4.
You need to find out which kernel-image package is on the install CD, and
get the ltmodem package with the corresponding kernel version.  Any
LTVERSION will do.

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