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Re: ltmodem for 2.2r4

On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, Josef Dalcolmo wrote:

>... and make sure the LTmodem code is actually compiled into the kernel, not
>just into a module, otherwise you will have to worry about the module loading

Well--it shouldn't be a big deal. Just "insmod module.o", if there aren't
any depencies on other modules. Otherwise you need to do "depmod -a"
and "modprobe module.o".

If you want to install new version of the driver without rebooting,
you can only "rmmod oldmodule.o" and "insmod newmodule.o". Of course
24x7 uptime is usually not so important for laptops.

The only difficult part is getting kmod to load automatically the
modules on demand, but it is not necessary and after all not that
difficult either.

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