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Re: X and 8 mb

* dalas@web.de <dalas@web.de> [2001 Dec 20 16:06 -0600]:
> Hi everybody!
> Do you have any ideas which is the "best" windowmanager for my old P1, 75MHz, 8mb ram Highscreen LeBook?
> Note: I have potato running, so xfce is not the one i can use.
> does anyone have experiences with ude/uwm?
> thanx, daniel

Hi Daniel.

IceWM is lighter than Windowmaker, for example, but not lighter than
Blackbox.  I've used IceWM for over 2 years without a problem and it has
a number of nice themes, some of which do use a fair amount of memory,
but most are quite easy on resources.

Debian has made the X menu compatible with IceWM, so all the X programs
should show in the main menu.

- Nate >>

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