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Re: Which Kernel - Woody ?

From: "Michael Forstner" <Michael.Forstner@web.de>
> I am new to this list and using Linux on Laptops.
> I got 7 binary CDs Debian Woody (25-Nov-2001) and installed the base
> What Kernel should I choose, which supports, apm, pcmcia, sound, etc. ?

All of the above?  Really, if you've got your system running now, then
there's no great reason to change kernels.  They probably all support apm,
but you'd need to add 'append="apm=on"' in /etc/lilo.conf to activate it
(check dmesg - it should show 'apm: disabled on user request' if apm is
compiled in but deactivated).  sound is tricky in many cases, but should be
supported by your kernel.  pcmcia is always supported, but usually requires
the pcmcia-cs package.

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