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Re: Which Kernel - Woody ?

On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 09:05:50AM -0400, Derek Broughton wrote:
> From: "Michael Forstner" <Michael.Forstner@web.de>
> > I am new to this list and using Linux on Laptops.
> > I got 7 binary CDs Debian Woody (25-Nov-2001) and installed the base
> system.
> > What Kernel should I choose, which supports, apm, pcmcia, sound, etc. ?
> All of the above?  Really, if you've got your system running now, then
> there's no great reason to change kernels.  They probably all support apm,
> but you'd need to add 'append="apm=on"' in /etc/lilo.conf to activate it
> (check dmesg - it should show 'apm: disabled on user request' if apm is
> compiled in but deactivated).  sound is tricky in many cases, but should be
> supported by your kernel.  pcmcia is always supported, but usually requires
> the pcmcia-cs package.

Can't speak for woody-packaged kernels but I'm using 2.4 kernels for potato
and those come with APM modularized, rather than built in. One has to add
apm in /etc/modules for it to be loaded by default.


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