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Re: Choosing a version of Debian for Toshiba Libretto 70CT

I have owned a libretty 50ct - what you need is to have the base files on
a seperate partition (such as your windows partition) and then you need
everything to happen within a single disk.  At 'some point' linux stops   
talking to the floppy disk through the bios and takes over with its own 
driver - at which time the LE-floppy is no longer recognized.  Basically  
you need to get that single disk loaded into ram and then do everything
from there...

To clarify - the base files on the seperate partition, that's the
base.tar.gz file...

(it took me an entire day to figure all this out, because I didn't check  
first like you :)  I made a BUNCH of floppies to find them useless)

debian 2.1's installation lets you get it done with just a single floppy,
I don't believe more recent ones allow you to get far enough with just a
single disk - naturally you could go about rolling your own boot floppy as
well [I've never done this, would like to try though].

note: make sure you leave the suspend partition in its place (I believe   
it's described as an IBM something-or-other filesystem, it will be at the
end of your disk).

note2: always remember that so long as you have fat support in your kernel
you can always mount your windows partition and pull files from there - so
you can download things and then reboot to copy them over... this will
allow you to recompile a kernel and pcmcia - as my linksys ethernet card
didn't work properly with the version of pcmcia on the 2.1 I used.

your mileage may vary.

Martin Norland

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