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Re: Thinkpads under linux

Quoting Alexey Vyskubov on Thu, Dec 27, 2001 at 12:25:23PM +0200:
> > I haven't gotten into the Irda or the DVD yet, or used lphdisk to make a
> > hibernation partition.  I haven't used the USB port, although it does 
> [...]
> > This is a T21, S3 Savage video, I think 2000 vintage.
> T21 does not use hybernation partition; instead it uses hybernation file
> on FAT partition.
> Did anybody succeed in hybernating T21?
I have a T21 which works very well including hibernating/suspending.  I
normally just suspend the laptop for long or short periods.  When I
suspend it using apm -s, the laptop comes back perfectly with wireless
drivers reloaded, no clock skewednes and sound works perfectly.

For my money, the T21 is a very nice piece of hardware.  Mine has 256mb
of memory and I've replaced the hard disk drive in it for a slightly
larger one.  Its running debian unstable and a 2.4.17 kernel.  I've
found that everyhing "just works" on this laptop.  I've messed with the
X series, the A series, the M series, and other T series laptops quite a
bit.  The T21 is my favorite.  You can find them competitively priced
these days too.

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