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Re: [ltp] X22 issues

> > 2. I would like to keep Win2K and duel boot to Linux. What is the
> > easiest
> > way to duel-boot a Linux/Win2K machine?
> Simple, if its like my A22m, there will be two FAT32 partitions. Just
> these (with Partition Magic, or something else), and install Linux. You
> safetly install lilo to the MBR, and boot Win2k using an entry in

Cool, so you use LILO -> NT.  I've seen a few documents which use the NT
boot loader to boot Linux and was not sure about which order was best.

> > 3. IBM have not provided a rescue disk but have instead used a rescue
> > partition, which is the strangest idea I've ever heard. What if I need
> > to
> > rescue the machine because the disk crashed? As you can imagine, this is
> > a
> > large partition (~750M) - does anyone know if it can be burnt onto a
> > couple
> > of CDs easily? Has anyone asked for rescue CDs from IBM?
> Are you in Australasia by any chance? They did the same to me. I think it
has to
> do with Microsoft's attitude to us (they think we're a bunch of pirates).
> a very stupid idea though.

I'm in England.  This must be an international thing...

> As for saving the SERVICE partition, mount it under Linux. See if has the
> programs in the root directory neccessary for booting (command.com is the
> one I can think of right now). If it is, then copy the files onto two
CD's, or
> use a multi-volume tar archive.

I managed to tell Win2K to mount it as Z: so I can see it - I'll probably
tar it up and dump it on CDs at some point.


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