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Re: Siemens Scenic mobile 320 sound with alsa

> On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 10:45:14AM +0100, Michael Forstner wrote:
> > According to my Laptop documentation the sound chip should be
> an ESS1878.
> > But modprobing the module snd-card-es18xx doesn't work (can't find the
> > card) - giving correct parameters doesn't work also.
> > But the module snd-card-es1688 works! I can configure the mixer and can
> > listen to AudioCDs. But I can't play any .wav, .mp3, .ogg, etc.
> files. It
> > seems the device is "blocked", because I start "mpg123
> song.mp3" and I hear
> > nothing - then after some seconds I terminate the program by
> pressing ctrl-c
> > and the program says "Played 0 min and 0 sec".
> Maybe you are running some sound-daemon, and the mpg123 tool expects you
> are using oss (no daemon).
> Please check the output of:
> fuser /dev/dsp
> ps -axu | grep esd
> That should show if you are running some sound daemon, and/or if
> something has locked the soundcard.

I have the laptop at home, so I can't check the output. Will check ASAP. But
I have only debian base system installed (Woody) and compiled alsa-0.5.12a
driver, lib and utils for myself. So I don't think there is an esd or
something else installed or running.


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