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Re: Toshiba Satellite Pro 470CDT

If the 470CDT is anything like my 460CDT, changing
the drive is very easy.  There is a small panel in
front that can be removed by first removing a small
screw accessed from the bottom the the unit.  Once the
screw is out, remove the plastic cover by sliding it
down exposing the drive.  The drive is in a holder 
with a lip that you can grip with your fingers, then 
just pull the drive and holder out.  Put the new drive 
in the holder and plug it back in.  

Glenn Becker wrote:
> Before I start, er, unscrewing anything, I was wondering whether anyone knew
> of a good resource for this sort of thing. I haven't found anything on the
> Toshiba website yet.
> Thanks,
> Glenn Becker
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tony mollica

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